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Multi-Point Locking Systems

The most common lock for exterior entry doors is the standard deadbolt, but it's not the only option.


Some of the brands we work with also offer doors with multi-point locking.

By the end of the page, you will know what a multi-point lock is and have a good idea of ​​whether this locking system is the right choice for your door.

What is a Multi-Point Locking System?

Multi-point locking systems, as the name suggests, are locks that are secured at multiple points on your door to provide the most advanced home security protection and weather sealing.

Multi-point locking systems do exactly what their namesake suggests. Instead of your entry system locking in the middle, as it would with a traditional deadbolt, the door locks in three separate places to ensure an even and maximum seal. The extra locking points provide a tighter close along the length of the door, making it much more difficult to break in and providing better weather-proofing than a deadbolt system.

Benefits of choosing a Multi-Point System?

What Types of Entry Doors Can Have Multipoint Locks? 

Multipoint locking systems can be used with most entry doors, french doors, and sliding glass doors.


Typically, multipoint locks are installed on hinged doors, and require a separate system for sliding doors. If you’re not sure which multipoint options are available to you, contact us, we’re here to help!


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